Friday, March 2, 2012

Sugar Creek Hollow - Trash to Treasure

This week's challenge st Sugar Creek Hollow is to rescue something that was headed to the trash bin and then use in your project to create a treasure that is vintage, shabby chic, or primitive in keeping with our challenge style.  Our designers have gone all out and made some fabulous projects to inspire you - just click on their names at our challenge blog.

This week, one random winner will receive a digi of our choice and a winner's badge to display.  The Design Team will choose one project as Card of the Week and the creator will receive a badge and will be in the running for a Guest Designer spot.

Perhaps I'm not alone on this.. but I do love little boxes made out of just about any material...paper, wood, cardboard... you name it.  'Not sure how I developed this love, but it's really hard for me to part with some of the boxes that I happen upon or receive that held a cute little gift.. Maybe I was a package designer in a previous life?  Not sure.. I'll have to ask Shirley MacLaine next time I see her. LOL

Just a very simple box, but I do like the outcome. This little box has been in my 'gotta do something with this' pile for quite some time. It housed the cutest heart-shaped bar of rose-scented soap and the box still smells like heaven.

Here's the 'before' to give you an idea of what I worked with. The box is 2.25" x 2.0" and opens up to become an explosion box.

I selected a designer paper that was vintage looking and covered the panels leaving the gold trim on the box exposed as a contrast. Here's a look at the covered panels viewed from the bottom of the box.  

The pieces of wool and cashmere felt are the same that I used to create these roses... You might remember some of my more recent projects using the same green leaves that I used here. That green cashmere was the most gorgeous cashmere sweater.. one of my all time favs. It's also the one that my darling husband shrunk when doing laundry... when he got through with it, it would have fit a teddy bear. It does make the best leaves for all kinds of knitted and paper projects but I sure miss that beautiful sweater. 

Using pieces from the cashmere sweater, I just run it through a Sizzix die cut to make leaves.

The flowers were the easiest things to make.. really, I promise you!  I also created this second bouquet all within an hour or so. I've got plans for this orange bouquet that involves knitting and I'll share that with you in the near future once it's done.

If you would like to know how to make these felt roses, check out Pinterest and do a quick search. If you aren't a member of Pinterest yet, I think it's grown so much and so quickly that new peeps need an invitation.. I'd be happy to send you one if you let me know your email address when you comment. Once at the Pinterest site, you will be amazed at everything you can find with a few keystrokes. 

Fair warning:  Pinterest is extremely habit-forming, causes users to get big circles under their eyes, stay up much too late,  miss dental appointments, spend more on craft materials and could lead to grounds for divorce!!  HA.

Thanks so much for stopping by, friends.. have a fantastic weekend. I hope to see you at our challenge at Sugar Creek Hollow.


Manderly said...

Oh Peggy, what a gorgeous box! One needs to come up with a new name because it is so beautiful that "box" just doesn't suit it! Can't wait to get to Pinterest to learn the roses. I keep my cards in a small closet with old Glade plug-ins and used candles and they scent cards so nice that I can imagine what the soap did to your "box." Smart cookie, you are. A talented one, too! Oh, and a funny one too! Love your quips! May I copy your "box"?

Renlymats World of Family & Crafts said...

Your box is beautiful! I think our husbands sometimes do those things so we won't ask them to help again! Your sweater does make very pretty leaves though!

Heather said...

Peggy...I got the best chuckle when reading your blog today :0) So sad about your sweater..but it did lead to some gorgeous leaves!! Your box is FABULOUS!! I LOVE your flowers! I have a bunch of hand dyed wool...sitting in a box..LOL..years now..that I wanted to make flowers out of! I Just love yours!! GORGEOUS!! Thank you for the blog visit and love you left!
Have a wonderful weekend!

**whispers** you know..sometimes husbands shrink your clothes..or break a favorite dish...thinking you will find them not good enough for the task***Don't let their good looks..and sweet smiles fool you..**they are smart little boogers**

Patti P. said...

So very sorry about the sweater, but it sure makes lovely leaves. I too love boxes and this makes one beautiful creation with your choice in paper and those gorgeous flowers. thanks for always inspiring.

Cec said...

What a fabulous project and I am in love with your flowers. The leaves are pretty too but I am sad that they were once a lovely sweater. I suspect your husband bought a new one for you because you are not referring to him in the past tense - LOL. I can see this little box holding some nice pieces of jewelery so if he didn't get a replacement sweater, he can start to fill the box.

Payne Holler Cards said...

your poor sweater! but it sure makes the most gorgeous flowers LOL
fabulous gift box!!!

Dawn B. said...

Okay where did my comment go? Lala land. I was trying to watch a movie too so maybe I had a blonde moment. Very cool flowers. I however would have to bean hubby for ruining a cashmere sweater. I only have ever had one and I shrunk it to baby size but didn't know all the things I could have repurposed it for. Great job Ms. Peggy..

Daniele said...

what a stunning box, those roses are gorgeous

Looking Glass Vacations/Holly Young said...

this is stunning! I am crying for your poor sweater! but it DOES make the most gorgeous leaves! Kudos to you for using it for SOMETHING!

jkreucher said...

hee hee hee.. oh how funny. but so true.. Pinterest is VERY addictive~ in such a fun way!
these roses look like a lot of fun to make... will have to check them out!

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