Tuesday, December 14, 2010

There's No People Like Snow People

Am I showing my age... or what?  Do an Ethel Merman imitation and you will know what I mean.

Show Snow people are the best!  And Sassy Cheryl does one of the greatest jobs I've seen bringing snow people to life. It's not easy, you know. Just go outside during the winter months, grab a snowball, then start rolling down a hill and try to start to create. You can't come close to what Sassy Cheryl can put together. There's snow people for any occasion you can think of.

This week, the very sweet, and my very sassy friend, Judy, is our challenge hostess and her theme is 'snowmen'... just perfect for our Sassy Cheryl friends.

I found myself in need of a 'thank you' card tonight because I received real LLAMA WOOL from a special sassy friend!!  Eat your heart out, knitters! What a nice surprise for me.. and how sweet of my friend, Dawn, to send this to me to lift my spirits. It's freshly spun from wool she gathered from her llamas. (I would love to see how this is done!)

Friends, I can't wait to show you what I'll create with the hunk of love that comes from Dawn's llama, Midnight. I've got my thinking cap on... can you smell the smoke?

Have a fantastic week, friends.. Be good to yourself... smile even when there isn't a good reason to do so..(in other words, fool the world!) and be safe. See you later this week.  P x


Cheryl of Sassy Cheryl's said...

OH wow! Make sure you show us what you make with your wool. :)
Love your card and you know, 'snow' people are my favorite!
What a fantastic Thank you card!!!!

Dawn said...

omgosh... I get a Peggy card!!!
too adorable and colored to perfection!!

enjoy Midnight! he's a sweet boy. he actually belongs to a friend, I shear him and she lets me keep his fiber! can't wait to see what you create!!!

Shirley said...

Peggy, what a wonderful card and the sentiment is PERFECT. I LOL when I read it. Oh and I can see Ethel belting this song out, I didn't need to Google her.

Dawn said...

forgot to say....THANKS!!

now I can't get Ethel out of my head!!!!!

Renkata said...

Ohhh wow it's such a magical card!

Flip-Flop Creations said...

Awww...love your sentiment! This fat little snowman is so adorable.
I checked out your purses this weekend, they are Fantabulous! (fantastic + fabulous) Oh the talent you hold in thise fingers!!! ~jeni :)

Cathy said...

Dear Peggy, this is such a gorgeous card and Dawn will love it. How awesome to get some real Llama yarn hand spun by Dawn. I love the elegant colors of your card. Hope you are doing okay, one day at a time GF!!!

jkreucher said...

Oh, Soooooooooo Special to have such a wonderful Gift Peggy.
I can hear your mind going in a million directions... Can't wait to see your beautiful creation!
your card is fantastic this week as always... I love every little detail!
take care of you my friend!

Ann English said...

Love the card and can't wait to see your wool creation-how cool!
Yeah, I'm afraid I remember Ethel, too!

Jodi said...

Aww, he is so cute!! I love the pretty coloring of this!! I can't wait to see what you will make! I hope you are doing well too!
Jodi =)

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