Friday, February 12, 2010

The Zen of Coloring

Happy Friday everyone... I hope that you had a terrific day and a great weekend planned!

I was in the mood for some coloring today and the Zen-like trance I can get into. So, after a pretty busy week, I settled in the craft grotto with my Dr. Ph. Martin's watercolors and painted this snowman from Sassy Cheryl's digitals. Yes, I did color this same image earlier in the week, but I like the little guy so much that I had to do it again. You know I have a penchant for snowpeople.

I made this card using "The Conductor" from Sassy Cheryl's for a little tyke's upcoming birthday.. and, obviously, as you can see, he's going to be three years old. He's a little whip and knows how many fingers that is!

Guess I'm in a green and turquoise phase these days -- sure looks that way!

So tomorrow, Saturday, is another obscure holiday you might not want to miss.. it's Get a Different Name Day. It's a day when you get to pick a name other than the one given to you at birth. If you don't like your name, just pick another. I think I'll be 'Shirley' tomorrow as people always tell me that I look like Shirley MacLaine (when she was younger, of course!). What name will you pick?  I can hardly wait to hear and from what I know about many of my followers there will be some doozies!!

'Til next time.. happy crafting and be safe in all you do!


Cheryl J. Alger said...

Oh wow, Peggy. These are great. Shirley? That's my mom's name. Hmmmm. I don't know what I'd pick, maybe, Ashley....

Anonymous said...

Hey there girl!! These are so cute! Love the coloring. It always relaxes me too!

eiyiyi said...

Well Shirley, you've done a beautiful job as always. Your painting and coloring are just so lovely to see. Those images and very, very cute as well. Thank you, oh great enabler. I really didn't have enough digis.

A new name, hmmmmm .... since I have gone all these years with a very Italian looking face and a very Irish (Eileen Mae-Bridgit) name, I think I shall be Antoinette for the day. You, of course, may call me Toni.

hugs to you pal, Toni

Lelia said...

Great cards, SHIRLEY! I love that snowman too and you colored him perfectly!

Pick a different name, eh? How about Nobama. I think that's a great name! :O)

Nobama aka Lelia

Heather said...

Cute, Cute ,Cute!! Love your boots..

Payne Holler Cards said...

love adult coloring LOL and you do it soooooo beautifully!!
new name Snow Hater ...(-:

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