Monday, January 4, 2010

Bits and Bobs... Odds and Sods

Well that's an English expression meaning a little of everything and that's what today's post is all about.

When I came downstairs to my craft grotto this a.m., I found this and just had to take a picture....

We move our potted hibiscus trees from our deck to the basement once there's a chance of frost. What a cheerful surprise to find this delightful flower on a cold winter morning in Kansas!

And here's how it's looking outside...Even in their matching coats they don't look too happy, do they? I think they learned how to feign shivering so I go on a guilt trip and let them back in. Yep.. there's a whole lotta shakin' goin' on!

I wanted to show you one of my more recent projects. A few friends have written and asked that I share some of the pictures of the purses that I sell. Thought you might like to see my little works of fiberart also.

and the reverse side...

These are a mixture of knitting, crocheting, some needlework, using silk, mohair, wool blends and various fibers. They are an awful lot of work, but really fun to create. I get compliments on the one I use everywhere I go... it's such a conversation piece and truly a piece of art.

Thanks for stopping by my little place on the web. I hope that your day is filled with sunshine and happy events. 'Til next time, be safe in all you do.


eiyiyi said...

Oh, poor chilly babies! They are adorable. Love that purse. You do such beautiful work, no matter what you do. hugs, eileen

Scrapping Julie said...

sweet pups. wow you made that bag? awesome

Dawn B. said...

You have so many talents..Great pictures..Your babies must not like all that snow..Hope you had a super day..Your purses are terrific..

Betty Benton said...

Heavenly hisbiscus -- what a nice surprise for you. Precious pups -- not a nice surprise for them! Beautiful bag -- a treat for all!

Jane Wetzel said...

Happy New Year Peggy! Holy cow..that bag is super awesome!!! I love it! and I LOVE your dogs! :)

Sharon Keanly said...

Hiya Peggy, a lovely card and I think your little doggies are too cute for words... you really had me in stitches with your comments... the purse is beautiful, looks like a lot of work though! take care, Sharon x

Karen from PA said...

Oh my goodness, your dogs are adorable! And I love the purse...that's some amazing talent!

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