Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Bag Lady...

Happy Thursday everyone!

Well, the Wired Angel doesn't sit still very long.

Here's another version of my fiberart purses. Yesterday this purse was sold and off it went to it's new owner in the Orlando area for delivery tomorrow. Can't wait to hear her reaction! Shari.. thank you! May you always have a few extra pence tucked inside.

It definitely has to be one of my favorites (so far...) and I love the bright colors that give it a certain Caribbean/Floridian flare. It really is so much nicer IRL and photos just don't give these pieces justice! I think my customer will be much happier to hold and touch after selecting from these pics.

Here's one side...

And here's the reverse.

'Funky, happy, kind of makes you smile. Guaranteed compliments everywhere it goes! It's a fantastic conversation piece.

And I couldn't let this post go by without showing you a picture from our home looking out to the beautiful winter scenery. Lovely to look at.. but even better when you get to stay inside!

Thanks for stopping by...Enjoy your day and be safe in all you do.


eiyiyi said...

Great purse, Peggy! I love everything about it. I'm not sure if I told you but I'm teaching myself portuguese knitting to relieve the stress on my hands and wrists. It's not difficult but unlearning 45 years of knitting one way is like learning to write with your nondominant hand! Stop by to see what it's all about. hugs to you, eileen

Cindy said...

OMG Peggy!! This is just awesome!!!

I would LOVE to buy one of these from you.
Do you have pictures??? My perfect purse would have purples, aquas, blues and a hint of pink!!!
Please email me:

Gina said...

Love you snow pic! Your purses are just amazing, I really love the mix of color and texture. Very appealing!

Leigh Ann Baird said...

I love the funky bag! We've got a tiny bit of snow here and we're having a cold spell too. I asked my 6yo daughter if she saw the winter wonderland outside and she said it didn't look like much of a wonderland to her. LOL

Sara said...

Way cool bag!! Love the funkyness! That pic is beautiful!

Cindy said...

Beautiful purse and beautiful scenery.

Libby Murphy said...

It is so whimsical and the colors are among my favorites. I have a friend who makes wraps with beautiful yarn combinations along with hand dyed silk ribbons.
Happy Twirls and I am so honored to have you join us at TwirlandTaste.
Happy Twirls

Jennifer Scull said...

oh my goodness gracious me - that is just gorgeous!!! how could she possibly NOT be happy?!?!? it is stunning! love those wonderful colors!

have a great weekend! :)

Dru said...

Wow Peggy - this is great!! Aren't you just the talented lady - the color mix is perfect and really pretty! Hugs, Dru

Vicki said...

What a wonderful bag! Great colors! I know the new owner must be thrilled! Blessings to you!

Dawn B. said...

Holy Toledo...This is amazing Peggy..She is going to love it..What an incredible talent you have..I have never seen anything like these..Great job..I miss that snow..stay warm.

Angie Williams said...

I love the purse! Amazing work!

mark gil anhony plaza said...

It's a cool funny bag so wonderful and also a good

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