Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Mo

Happy Wednesday everyone! I've wanted to post this for a while and haven't been able to...This is a card that I made before my trip to France... obviously, I didn't get to post it. I used lots of crystal lacquer (three coats) to give the fireman's coat that perfect glossy look.
I think every little boy dreams of becoming a fireman at some point in his childhood and this little guy is no exception. 'Reminds me of my sons when they were tykes. 'Must be a thing with uniforms!
Enjoy.. and have a terrific day, and be safe in all you do.


Jane Wetzel said...

adorable Peggy! Love your new blog banner too! :)

JazzyH said...


Jennifer Scull said...

my boys sure did dream of being firemen! in fact one of them still toys around with the idea. I can see the shine on his fancyshmancy coat all the way from over here! so much fun!!!

me, I dream of making my Mo's look as great as yours...... you are truly the queen! so happy to see you posting again! I was really worried 'bout ya! hugs and smoochies coming your way!!! :D

eiyiyi said...

As always, your card is just perfect. Love the glossy coat, you clever girl! hugs, eileen

Scrubbybubbles(sue) said...

This is so adorable peggy. I love it.

Shary said...

Great little boys card, bright and cheerful and of course the image is fab!

Rach said...

Peggy this is delicious, i really really love the idea of how you got his coat so shiny... fabulous..xx

Gina said...

The coat is just perfect, I love it!

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