Sunday, April 19, 2009

Household Tip

Burning votive candles around the house can create a relaxing atmosphere, especially when they are wonderfully scented. But the remains of the candle are often a mess!

To prevent votives sticking to the bottom of a votive, spray the bottom of the votive glass holder with cooking spray (i.e., Pam) before inserting the votive candle. There’s less of a mess when the candle is done and it’s easy to pop out the little stump of wax that remains in the glass votive.

To prevent a smoky room when extinguishing a candle use a spoon to slightly push the wick back into the hot wax for just a moment. Typically the wick will pop up again once it’s extinguished. Doing this simple trick prevents smoke and damaged paint in the room.

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Kryssi said...

hi and welcome to the scs group. i've been sick and mia but hope to be visiting real soon again! :)

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