Monday, April 20, 2009

Got Scissors?

I don’t know about you, but I have at least twenty pairs of scissors and pinking shears… many of which I inherited from my Mom, and my Grandmother (you should see the yarn supply, crochet hooks and knitting needles too!). But the poor little guys cannot cut ribbon because they were used for way too many things over the years! They probably couldn’t cut butter.

Ribbon scissors

I received this scissor in a recent Copic order from Oozak (see link at the bottom of my blog), as a gift for my (very large) order. They are made by Rostrei of Germany, and frankly they are terrific, especially for cutting ribbon. To remind anyone in my Craft Grotto that they are for ribbon only, I gussied them up a bit repurposing bits of ribbon from my scrap bin. Do you think anyone would use them for anything else looking like this?  And, certainly no one would mistaken them for their own. 

Anyway, to quote my Mom “God help the one who uses them for anything else!” Try this little tip to deter someone from misusing your favorite ribbon scissor! 


Dru said...

Very cute idea - nope, I don't think anyone is going to mistake these for anything else. They sure look pretty!

Jennifer Scull said...

that is great! I thought that by purchasing just pink scissors (which is a color I happen to love) it would deter my teenage boys from always walking off with mine from my crafting area. but alas, NO, it doesn't work. they only want to use Mom's GOOD scissors because they are the only ones in the house that actually cut! I had to hunt down my hubby one day when he was using my SU! rubber scissors out in the garage. oh, I was stomping my princess foot over that one! :D
super cute!

MollyD said...

THis is an excellent idea that I am going to use here in a minute on mine!

katy M. said...

I remember hearing something along those lines in regards to my mom's Gingher Scissors. Work for us kids, but Dad on the other hand!

Martha said...

how cute!

Paula said...

I love that phrase! It makes me giggle. I have a friend whose husband took her fabric scissors to cut roofing tiles! This is a good idea.

Gina said...

Great idea!! TFS

Carmen said...

Great idea! I try to keep my ribbon scissors away from the other 50 pairs I have! hahaha I am going to do the same thing my pair now.

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