Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Watercoloring Tip

If you enjoy coloring with Prisma pencils using odorless mineral spirits (aka Gamsol, Turpenoid), then here's a good tip. Tortillions are the blending stumps used to break down the wax on Prisma pencils. But there are differences in the type and effect you will get.

The tortillion in the front of this picture is made in Taiwan and it is very definitely 'wrapped' paper -- take a close look at the tip. I find this version to be very second in quality to the ones made in China (in the background). The Taiwanese version doesn't absorb the gamsol, break the color down and doesn't blend well at all. The version made in China absorbs the mineral spirits and blends color very well so you can get the watercolored look you want.

I've been coloring with Prisma pencils for many months now...and the difference became very apparent to me while using this new purchase (it looked like a bargain!!). Don't be disillusioned with Prisma pencil coloring if you don't like how your coloring is turning out.. it might simply be the type of tortillion you are using!! So, if you aren't getting the end result you want, change the type of tortillion/blending stump you are using.

Questions? Leave a comment here and I'll get back to you with help.

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Emily said...

I did some searching on the internet and could night find tortillions that were specifically made in China. Can I ask where you got your's from? I'm sure the ones I use are the other kind and I would very much be interested in getting some of the ones made in China. Thanks for any help.

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