Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Are there ever enough ideas for Valentine's Day? Probably not. This is a card that I made with Valentine's Day in mind. What do you think?

Here's another cute item that is perfect for just about any occasion. I made a 'french fry box' using designer paper, and filled the box with a bag of Valentine's hearts. How cute is this? The great thing is that this design can be altered for just about any occasion you have in mind. Need ideas??? Just post a comment here and I am willing to suggest many ideas. The little scallop with the shrinky-dink is courtesy of my dear friend, Sally (go round the roses).

I have been busy getting ready for several events.... Valentine's Day, my next Make and Take, and my sister's GNO (Girl's Night Out) and a special friend's party favor for her niece's baby shower. For each of these I have been making different items for ladies to celebrate Valentine's Day (or a baby shower). Here's a sample of a little gift bag that holds chocolates... kisses, nuggets, etc. Who doesn't love chocolate?? This is a perfect gift for anyone.... teacher, child, honey, sister, co-workers! And everyone else in-between. Enjoy.

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