Sunday, December 21, 2008

Creativity Breakdown

Hi everyone... it's now Sunday and I am totally exhausted from a very busy weekend but don't feel I accomplished enough. You know the feeling... the Christmas rush that is so overwhelming. Sure there's only three days until Christmas and still so much to do and everything is not (obsessive-compulsive) perfect. Christmas, and every other holiday for that matter, is never quite the way we expected and envisioned -- Christmas at our home won't look like a page out of a Martha Stewart magazine.

In the meantime, I haven't a creative bone in my body right now. Nothing seems to be going quite as I expected for last minute gifts, but I'm not fretting. It WILL come... and only when IT'S supposed to. This much I know about me.. if it doesn't happen I certainly can't make it happen. If it doesn't happen in time..... you can find me at the Mall at the last minute.

For creative goodies.. I'll be back once this 'rush' is over... See you then.

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